Enlargement to penile

An effective way to get rid of complexes and improve the quality of sex life in men.


Who is the treatment for?

  • for men dissatisfied with the thickness and circumference of the penis
  • for men who experience a lack of sexual satisfaction

What is the purpose of the procedure?

Improving the quality of your and your partner's sex life.

How the procedure goes?

Treatments are performed using two techniques:

  • Elongation of the penis by cutting the ligaments – involves making an incision between the penile base and the pubic symphysis to gain access to the pendular ligament. As a result of the ligament being cut, the penis can be extended forward, thus gaining the length from the pubic symphysis
  • Penis enlargement, using hyaluronic acid filling – consists of injecting hyaluronic acid into the subcutaneous layer. A specially prepared injection is applied to previously locally anesthetized skin. During the 30-minute administration, you can significantly enlarge the penis circumference or perform correction

Benefits of the procedure

  • getting rid of complexes, increased self-esteem
  • increase of satisfaction from sexual intercourse, both for the patient and his partner


In the first instance, a doctor or professor consultation is required (registration form below)


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