Transurethral resection of the bladder tumor (TURB procedure)

The best method of treating bladder cancer, which allows you to completely cure the disease.


Who is the resection of the bladder tumor intended for?

The treatment is recommended for patients who have been diagnosed with:

  • non-leaking bladder for the first time,
  • patients with an infiltrating tumor who cannot be treated radically due to other diseases,
  • recurrence of a tumor (confirmed by control cystoscopy or ultrasonography).

How the resection of the bladder tumor goes?

A short procedure, most often performed under spinal anesthesia, the patient remains conscious, he has no feeling from the waist down. The resectoscope is inserted into the urethra, the device is equipped with a camera (the real image is transmitted to the doctor) and the working part - through which high-frequency electric current flows, thanks to which it is possible to cut tissues and close bleeding vessels. After inserting the resectoscope into your bladder, your doctor will cut out tumors and altered bladder tissues. After the procedure, coagulation (stopping of bleeding) is necessary.

Duration of the procedure

From 20 min to 1 hour

Contraindications for surgery

Problems with blood clotting


  • removal of diseased tissue
  • the possibility of complete cure of the disease
  • the ability to assess the stage of the disease in histopathological examination


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